American White Oak Timber


Quercus alba.

Highly decorative American White Oak is the timber of choice for superior interiors. The distinctive timber makes a modern statement that adds a touch of class to any home or retail interior.


American White Oak is used for a wide range of applications. It is highly sought after for premium grade furniture, interiors, cabinetry and panelling. White Oak flooring is often selected to complete a modern interior design.

White oak lumber is becoming increasingly popular in architectural joinery due to its strength.

Physical properties and benefits

American White Oak is a hard, heavy wood with good overall strength and a medium to coarse texture. The timber has consistent colouring and an interesting, prominent grain pattern when cut on the full quarter.

The natural characteristics of White Oak timber give a clean, stylish look. It stains or whitewashes easily, can take a wide variety of colours and offers longevity due to its ability to withstand sanding and refinishing.

American White Oak is strong, durable, damage resistant and easy to maintain making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas such as kitchens and retail interiors. Any scratches or dents can easily be fixed by sanding, varnish and waxing rather than having to replace the damaged area.

It machines well, is easy to glue, nail and screw making it good for joiners and cabinetmakers to work with. The hard, stable timber is often chosen for flooring, and laminates well.

Features & Benefits
  • Durability – Class 3
  • Fire resistance: BAL 12.5 and 19 – All AS 3959 applications
  • Seasoned density level of 750kg/m3
  • Janka (or hardness) rating of 6.0
  • Non-structural.
  • Achieves F17 (select grade)
  • Available in sizes 100x25mm through to 300x50mm.
  • Laminates well for larger sizes.
  • Found throughout the eastern United States.
Ideal Uses
  • Flooring
  • Architectural joinery
  • High-grade furniture
  • Interior woodwork
  • Panelling

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