Timber decking profiles cater to different aesthetics, durability, and installation preferences. They include flat and shaped profiles that enhance grip, drainage, and visual appeal. Each profile is crafted for outdoor installation, considering weather resistance and maintenance requirements.


86 x 19 Decking


135 x 22 Decking


135 x 25 Decking


135 x 32 Decking

Uluru Profile

135 x 32

Kakadu Profile

135 x 32

Daintree Profile

135 x 32


Spotted Gum

Known for its diverse color range from light browns to deep reds. It’s popular for its durability, strength, and resistance to splintering, making it ideal for high-traffic outdoor decking.

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Esteemed for its incredible durability and strength, Ironbark features a dark and rich color palette. Its extreme hardness makes it resistant to wear and tear, perfect for decking exposed to harsh conditions.

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Features a lighter color spectrum, from cream to pale brown hues. Blackbutt is valued for its good fire resistance and the ability to be stained or finished to suit different aesthetics.

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Want to see it in action?

This product was used at St Mary’s Rugby League Club’s Ironbark Terrace & Pizzeria