We offer timber flooring in both Australian and imported timber species. Our range is available in multiple widths of tongue and groove profiles that are suitable for top nailing and secret nailing.

FL 8019

80 cover x 19 T&G
Secret Nail
Flooring End-

FL 13019

130 cover x 19 T&G
Top Nail Flooring

FL 18021

180 cover x 21 T&G
Top Nail Flooring


220 cover x 21 T&G
Top Nail Flooring

* – 22021FL only comes in American White Oak


Spotted Gum

Known for its durability and attractive markings, Spotted Gum is a popular Australian hardwood that can transform any space with its rich hues.

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Blackbutt is a durable Australian hardwood with a straight grain and warm, blonde to medium brown hues, making it perfect for interior flooring.

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Ironbark is a tough Australian hardwood, known for its dense grain and exceptional durability in flooring applications. Available in grey and red ironbark.

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American White Oak

American White Oak is a versatile timber with a light colour palette and distinctive grain that has made it popular for flooring with a blonde tone.

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Victorian Ash

Victorian Ash is an Australian hardwood with a straight grain and pale colour that’s prized for its workability and the high quality of finish it offers.

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French Oak

French Oak is celebrated for its beautiful grain, strength and resilience, making it an excellent choice for timber flooring, especially once stained.

Want to see it in action?

This product was used in the North Balgowlah residence.