Blackbutt Timber


Eucalyptus pilularis

This strong, durable hardwood is commonly used for structural and exterior applications. It’s also often used for flooring and other interior features when the colour requirement is light and neutral.

Blackbutt grows in the coastal regions of New South Wales and Queensland and is so-named due to the tree’s appearance after a bushfire, where the butt of the tree is significantly darkened.


This versatile, attractive hardwood can be used in structural, exterior or interior applications.

From Blackbutt flooring and furniture to exterior or structural use in decking, landscaping, timber framing, cladding, lining boards or joinery, this highly durable timber will stand the test of time.

Physical properties and benefits

Versatility and strength make Blackbutt cladding or timber framing a good choice in home construction. Blackbutt has a hardness rating of 9.1 and is naturally resistant to termites due to its high density.

Blackbutt has proven durability in harsh Australian conditions and is the ideal choice for use in areas prone to bushfire. It is one of seven hardwood timber species approved by the Building Commission in Victoria for home construction in bushfire areas.

Blackbutt’s attractive colouring ranges from cream to pale brown, occasionally with a pinkish hue. It takes stain, oil or polish well but tends to be a poor base for paint due to the likelihood of surface checking.

When allowed to weather naturally, Blackbutt decking or timber facades turn a stunning silvery grey.

The even texture and generally straight grain of Blackbutt timber flooring provide a seamless transition from inside to outside when used to take floorboards through to decking on the same level.

Features & Benefits
  • Highly durable
  • Fire resistance: BAL 12.5, 19 and 29 – All AS3959 applications
  • Seasoned density level of 880kg/m3
  • Janka (or hardness) rating of 9.1
  • Achieves F22/27 when seasoned or F14/17/22 unseasoned
  • Available in sizes from 100x25mm to 300x50mm
Ideal Uses
  • Flooring
  • F27 building framework
  • Cladding
  • Lining boards
  • Joinery
  • Decking

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