External Timber Solutions

Achieve the stunning first impressions you imagined when the project was just in its design stages with our range of external timber products. Using high grade timbers ensures the ultimate in strength and durability, giving you peace of mind that your exterior features will stand the test of time. Have a look at our external timber cladding options to add character and natural beauty to the exterior of a property, or utilise gorgeous timber screening to shade the building from the sun through the hot summers.

Our timber beams and posts will ensure strength and durability for any outdoor construction and would complement a timber decking like nothing else. We urge you to browse the entire range and see if we can’t inspire you to dream big and create something beautiful. If we don’t have the product on our site our in-house craftsmen will gladly create custom and unique exterior timber products to fit just about any requirement – get in touch to discuss the options today.

External Timber Solutions Products