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Interior Timber Panelling & Linings

Timber wall panels can re-define a room. They have the ability to completely transform your interior décor and have become increasingly popular in the architectural design world.

Establish fluidity throughout your home or commercial building, with our selection of interior wood panelling. Design a space that offers practicality and style.

Discover a world of flexibility and find the perfect interior timber products to match your design and building needs.

We provide a wide range of profiles and sizes, as well as ‘off the shelf’ options for projects that demand serious efficiency and top quality.

Explore our range of exceptional products including:

  • Linings
  • Trims
  • Panelling
  • Tongue and groove panelling
  • Secret nailed options
  • Matching trims for a sleek, unified finish

Our selection of oak, hardwood and softwood timber panels are suitable for interior and exterior applications. (American White Oak isn't suitable for exterior applications unless otherwise specified)


Spotted Gum
American White Oak
Hemlock (Channel / Vee-Joint Linings)


55cover x 12 Secret Nail Linings
80cover x 12 Secret Nail Linings
130cover x 18 Top Nail Linings
180cover x 18 Top Nail Linings*

* - 18018FL only comes in American White Oak

Hemlock Channel Linings
86cover x 12 Linings
133cover x 12 Linings
Hemlock Vee-Joint Linings
86cover x 12 Linings
133cover x 12 Linings

Interior Timber Panelling & Linings

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Profile Code

5512PL, 8012PL, 13018PL, 18018PL, HEMCLSSC8612PL, HEMCLSSC13312PL, HEMVJS8612PL, HEMVJS13312PL

Wood Species

Spotted Gum, American White Oak, Blackbutt, Ironbark, Hemlock (Linings)


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This product was used at the Ivanhoe Hotel, Manly.