Hemlock Timber


Tsuga heterophylla.

Hemlock is a softwood that produces beautiful pale timber making it popular for interior use, particularly as it is more economical than most premium timber species.

An evergreen tree native to North America, Hemlock grows alongside Western Red Cedar on the mountains and coasts of Canada.


Hemlock timber uses include joinery, internal panelling, doors, window frames, mouldings, alfresco, feature walls and screenings.

Hemlock flooring and stairs are increasingly chosen by architects or homeowners due to the timber’s strength and wear-resistance.

Ease of machining and finishing have also made Hemlock an increasingly popular alternative to hardwood for furniture and cabinet makers.

Physical properties and benefits

Hemlock timber is a stylish choice, light blonde in colour, with a smooth texture and distinct straight, fine-lined grain.

There is little variation in colour between the heartwood and sapwood, and they are often indistinguishable from one another offering consistent surface effects.

Affordability is a key benefit of hemlock when compared to other premium timbers making it equally attractive to the domestic and commercial markets.

Ideal for sanding, coating and varnishing, Hemlock accepts any paint, stain, or clear finish with outstanding results. Hemlock is one of the hardest softwoods, making it easy to work with. It holds nails and screws securely and accepts glue without issue.

Joiners often favour Hemlock lumber for its even grain, and resistance to scraping or splitting making it easy to machine.

Hemlock wood has a resilient surface that grows harder with age with great wear resistance properties.

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