Decking that lasts a lifetime

Australian homes and decks instinctively go together. This natural extension of our internal living space is an important, high traffic area. So it goes without saying you need timber decking that will last a lifetime.

As an Australian decking supplier we’re proud to provide products that not only deliver genuine quality, durability, and practicality, but an ultimate easy style. Timber decking shows the beautiful natural grain, knotty features and natural warmth of wood – adding an extra element of elegance to any design.

Our timber decking species

Made from Queensland Spotted Gum and Ironbark, our timber decking boards are as tough as they are beautiful. And they’re not only perfect for homes – they stand the test of time in hotels, rooftops, restaurants, offices and commercial buildings too. With a high Janka (hardness) rating of 11-14 and a long-lasting strength that won’t scratch easily, our timber decking systems offers a low maintenance, peace-of-mind option. And of course, our timber is rated for bushfire attack (BAL29).

Our timber decking boards can be pre-oiled at the factory, saving you time and mess on-site, and protecting the panels against UV, water and mould. Our boards are treated to stop fungus, rot, termites and warping – although we do recommend re-treating every 2 years to ensure lifetime performance.

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