Everything You Need To Know About Victorian Ash

Victorian Ash is a light-coloured wood that can be used for a variety of purposes like flooring, staircase joinery, furniture and more. Learn everything you need to know about Victorian ash timber here. 

What is Victorian Ash?

Victorian Ash is a generic name given to a hardwood that can be produced from two different species of tree – Eucalyptus regnans and Eucalyptus delegatensis, sourced from Victoria. Its colour varies but tends to be in the straw range. Ash generally refers to lighter coloured veneers. 

Is Victorian Ash durable?

While it may not be the most durable timber available on the market (Durability Class 4), Victorian Ash timber is still known to be rugged and reliable. It is also known to have a good level of resistance to insects. With a Janka rating of 4.5, Victorian Ash timber is generally best used for linings, interior cladding or flooring and is recommended for indoor use. However, Victoria often uses it for window joinery.

What should I use Victorian Ash for?

Thanks to its versatility, the use cases for Victorian Ash timber are relatively extensive. When looking to use them indoors, it works well for flooring, panelling or even staircases. This timber is known for adding warmth to any project, but it can also be stained as needed to produce the finish you are hoping to achieve from your project. 

How do you clean Victorian Ash timber?

The best way to clean your timber can change depending on if it is natural or painted. If the timber is oiled, a damp cloth can be used to treat spills or stains, however, if it is sealed, a dry cloth is better to dust and maintain the timber.

How easy is Victorian Ash to work with?

Victorian Ash timber is known for being easy to work with and handle. From hand to machine tools, this timber glues and finishes well. Its flexibility, lack of shrinkage after drying and ease of use in construction give this timber a good reputation. It laminates in both edge and stacked lamination.

Is Victorian Ash timber more expensive?

If you are looking for a lighter colour such as a Victorian Ash timber, you can generally expect you will have to pay more. This is due to demand for these colours being high, however the prevalence of lighter coloured veneers produced amongst the species Victorian Ash is produced from means demand outpaces supply, driving prices up as it becomes more desirable. 

What qualities does Victorian Ash have?

The texture of the tree Victorian Ash comes from is course which means you can expect the same from the timber it produces. It also has a straight grain, and gum veins that are generally visible. For this reason, it is used in contexts where you want to hero its aesthetic. It is graded to select and feature grading. Select is generally used in furniture and flooring market, whilst feature is used for it’s rustic appeal. 

Is Victorian Ash stable?

All Victorian Ash is quartersawn. Failure to do so leads to extensive collapse. The process is easily recognisable by its vertical end grain and gives remarkable stability in board use, hence its extensive use in furniture.

Does Victorian Ash sound like a perfect fit for your job? If you’re still unsure or you’d like an expert opinion, contact us at Coach House Timbers and we’ll assist you with the best timber selection.