Timber beams are a style statement

Bring the beauty of exposed timber beams out into the light! Planned right, the structural elements of a home or building can transform a space into an architectural masterpiece.

It’s a style that’s both edgy and classic, depending on the space you’re working with. Large timber posts can be particularly striking when complemented with raw industrial-chic materials such as steel hardware, polished concrete and brick.

With exposed timber beams you can open up a space, achieve breathtaking high ceilings, and create unique lighting installations. The design possibilities are endless – as endless as the unwavering performance you can expect from Coach House Timbers’ wood beams.

Our timber post and beam species

Sections up to 50 mm are specially kiln dried to withstand harsh weather conditions, including a BAL bushfire attack use rating. We use Spotted Gum and Ironbark species, both of which are known for their extremely high strength. And although the timber is unseasonal, we take extra care to oil/seal the timber and plate the ends. We source our timber ethically, and ensure it’s treated to our strict specifications before supplying it for use.

We’ve seen our structural timber beams used in a variety of applications, from offices, homes, patios, fencing and on wharfs and bridges. Our Australian hardwood posts are hardwearing and highly durable, with sections up to 50mm in thickness and a Janka rating of 11-14. They are sawn to give a free of heart appearance and can be machined up to 185 x 185 DAR and 300 x 100 DAR.

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Large section timber beams will give any space a grand, unforgettable feel. Paint the wood to create exciting contrasts or leave it raw for a reclaimed and rustic look. Our team can provide you with the right advice for a solution that will last the distance.

We have years of experience and can add practical insight and technical expertise to your project. Want to talk timber beams? Give us a call now on +61 2 4869 5443.